Presentation Skills Course, FBI Miami 2018

Rick is well spoken and teaches at a quick and easy comfort level.

Rick shared personal experiences relevant to the course and provided great examples.

Rick is enthusiastic about his topics, which is a good example of how to be when presenting. Thank you for being so easy to approach!

Rick’s demeanor and presence was great for the course and to keep the class engaged.

Great personality. Enjoyed his stories/experiences that were applicable to content.  Instructor had a way of making students feel comfortable in class.

Rick gave great examples and real world experiences, and provided great suggestions.

Great stories, interaction, and overall presentation.

Great examples, great energy, great presenter. Very knowledgeable in presentation skills and provided great tips/suggestions on how to improve our own skills.  Learned several skills and was able to recognize my own issue and adjust behavior to demonstrate improvement.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us 😊

SA Kiper was engaging and enthusiastic.  He had a down-to-earth personality, even when presenting/teaching that put me at ease. This was a very helpful class!

Great presenter – knowledgeable, calm, and gives good feedback

Informative, very good real world examples. Helpful, insightful, friendly, and encouraging.

Obvious SME [subject matter expert]. Brilliant man.

I never met him before this class, but I am astonished at how great he is. I feel like I learned a lot.