Instructional Strategies Course, Tampa 2018

Rick is very knowledgeable on instruction. His instruction was excellent and suggestions for my improvement were spot on.  Many thanks!

Everything in this course I feel better prepared me to be more confident to present and facilitate a presentation.

Rick is very knowledgeable & sympathetic. He is perceptive, intuitive, and able to see details and points that most people missed.

Rick has a wide range of experience as an instructor.

The teaching opportunities were very valuable to me. Specifically getting my instruction graded in categories showed where I needed improvement.

Rick includes lots of interesting stories & techniques/use of demonstration.

Pedagogy vs andragogy and student-centered instruction.  Very obvious concepts, but it seems I never paid attention to them until this class.  Treating the participants like grownups and engaging them as such is the most valuable bit of information I’m taking with me!

Introducing various lesson strategies was good for me, as well as lots of learning activities options.

Rick should re-assess retirement… He would be a huge loss if he retires and doesn’t come back to teach this class as a contractor.

Practicing strategies is valuable. More practice = less nervousness & much more comfort with using the strategies later.

Very open and encouraging environment – great for growing as an instructor!

Rick is a confident SME [subject matter expert] and great facilitator!

Plenty of “real world” context and content.  Awesome connection with the students – I would love to take another course with Rick.

Rick has a wealth of knowledge and a very friendly demeanor, and shared his past experiences.

Rick has a depth of experience, knowledge, humor that he relates the info to job roles.