Instructional Strategies Course, FBI Miami 2018

Great course! One of the best trainings I have received!

Rick gives great examples and is very thorough in his instruction. Great presence!

I enjoyed hearing the personal stories from the instructors. It really drives home the concepts taught in the class.

The list of strategies was the most valuable. I was forced to try new strategies, which was excellent.

Rick, I appreciate your kindness and compassion as an instructor. You were always there for the students, and genuinely care. Thank you for being there for us.

Kiper is very approachable, fair, and an excellent listener. He provides thought provoking feedback.

Rick was very knowledgeable about topics that he taught. He kept the students engaged without appearing overbearing. He explained things and ensured we got it. Great job!

Kiper speaks very confidently; He taught the class by using different strategies and his experiences.

Kiper is effective at making information understandable. Friendly and approachable.