Instructor Development Course, FBI Cyber Division 2019

Kiper is likely one of the best cyber instructors in the FBI. He should be hired as a consultant/contractor after he retires as we need to maintain this level of instructional excellence!

Made the class fun and entertaining!

Kiper presented information clearly and made it interesting. I definitely learned how to be a better instructor.

It was helpful to discuss how the presentation went with the instructor right after giving the presentation.

Gave lots of real world examples for the strategies. Used humor to keep the class engaged.

Great demeanor and extremely polished delivery of materials using the different strategies.

Great examples from previous overseas training.

Instructor was knowledgeable and showcased instructional strategies throughout. Shared many stories and personal experiences that contributed to learning the content.

Great instructor – very knowledgeable… Rick has been doing this a while and is very well polished.